Erasmus+ (incoming students) –

Dear Erasmus students,

thank you for choosing our university! You will have all the benefits of studying in the heart of a major European city. We offer you a wealth of facilities that will help you make the most of your time here. This website contains all the basic information about the programme. But still, should you have any particular questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Wishing you good luck and every success!

Application procedure

First of all, students need to be oficially nominated by their home institutions. The students that wish to study at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University within the Erasmus+ programme need to follow the application procedures by filling in an application form in English.
The form has to be properly filled in and signed by the student and sent in original by post to the International Office of AFMKU.

Application deadlines
The standard deadlines for the submission of the Erasmus exchange applications are as follows:
For winter Semester: 30 June
For spring Semester: 30 November

Confirmation of admission
The confirmation of admission in the form of a “Letter of Acceptance” is sent to the student by the Faculty Coordinators after the decision is made by the respective Faculty.
International Office is responsible for the administration of documentation. It also provides support before, during and after the mobility.

All the incoming students receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of their application and inform about further steps to be taken before the beginning of their studies at AFMKU. It is strongly advised not to make any travel arrangements before obtaining the formal acceptance for studies at AFMKU.

The incoming students may be assigned local students- guides or ‘buddies’ who can provide support in matters related to the organisation of the arrival and stay in Poland, the University, necessary study procedures or any other issues that might arise before, on and after arrival at AFMKU. They stay in touch with the Erasmus students via e-mail and they are the first persons to be contacted with in case of any problem to be helped with.

Exchange students can select freely from the wide range of courses offered at AFMKU.
The official language of instruction is Polish. However, students who do not speak Polish can find an attractive alternative in programmes that are conducted in English.
The list of courses students wish to study has to be consulted with the Faculty Coordinator.

Each Erasmus student is obliged to prepare a Learning Agreement. It includes a preliminary list of courses a student intends to take at AFMKU and needs to be confirmed by the student, home university and receiving university.
The Learning Agreement can be revised after student’s arrival in the event of any changes which might appear (changes to Learning Agreement).

Incoming Erasmus students can attend a course of Polish organised by the University Language Centre. Detailed information about language courses available at University Language Centre: building A, room 117;

After the mobility, the students are issued a Transcript of Records which contains the list of courses chosen by the student in the Learning Agreement with the final grades and ECTS and a Confirmation of Stay.

Student ID Card

Incoming students can apply for a Student Identification Card. The Card proves a student status and allows entrance to the university facilities, discounts on some means of public transport, purchasing entrance tickets for swimming pools, fitness, or museums.
In order to be issued the Card the following documents are to be delivered by the students to the respective Faculty Dean’s Office: a passport photo in hard copy, a student card application form, a confirmation of payment of the ID fee.

Faculty coordinators

Faculty Coordinators are academic teachers who advise students on the selection of courses and other academic – related issues. They accept and sign the Learning Agreements the students prepare before the mobility.

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts:
Professor Barbara Stec, Ph.D.
bstec (at)

Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations:
Professor Katarzyna Banasik, Ph.D. (Law and Administration)
(+48) 12 252 44 70
kbanasik (at)
Anna Paterek, Ph.D. (International Relations)
(+48) 12 252 44 21
apaterek (at)
Iwona Cybula, Ph.D. (Tourism and Recreation)
icybula (at)

Faculty of Management and Social Communication:
Professor Marta Majorek, Ph.D.
mmajorek (at)
Joanna Preizner, Ph.D.
jpreizner (at)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:
Anna Mokrzycka, Ph.D.
(+48) 12 252 45 20
amokrzycka (at)
Karolina Węglarz, MA (Physiotherapy)
kweglarz (at)

Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Humanities:
Rafał Majka, Ph.D.
(+48) 12 252 46 20
rmajka (at)

Faculty of Security Studies:
Professor Monika Ostrowska, Ph.D.
(+48) 12 252 46 30
m.ostrowska (at)

Faculty of Acting:
Katarzyna Deszcz, MA.

Erasmus+ (outgoing students) –


Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University
International Office
Gustawa Herlinga-Grudzińskiego 1
30-705 Kraków, Poland

building B, room B 205

Joanna Skrzypiec, MA
e-mail: jskrzypiec (at)
phone no.: (+48) 12 252 46 95
languages: Polish, English

Oleksandra Zhuzhelska, MA
e-mail: ozhuzhelska (at)
phone no.: (+48) 12 252 46 98
languages: Polish, Ukrainian, English, Russian