International Business (in English)

Programme of Study (2023/24)

1st cycle studies (full-time studies)

Semester 1
Political and Economic Geography 304
History of International Relations305
Principles of Organization and Management302
International Politics455
Cultures and Civilizations in the Modern World203
International Business303
Computer Science101
Physical Exercises300
Occupational Health and Safety Training50
Semester 2
Introduction to Law303
International Economic Relations454
International Military Relations304
Principles of Marketing303
European Integration304
Mathematics for Economists303
Physical Exercises300
Foreign Language302
Semester 3
Studies on State305
International Cultural Relations304
Public International Law303
Sociology of International Relations303
Feminism and Women in International Relations303
International Financial Relations 304
Public Relations302
International Marketing302
Introduction to Accounting302
Foreign Language302
Semester 4
Introduction to Research Metodology for Social Science151
Political Systems305
International Trade Policy305
Covid 19 and the Future of the Global Cities 303
Multinational Corporations302
Intercultural Communication in Business and Management303
Law in Business303
Operations Management303
Foreign Language302
Semester 5
Intellectual Property Rights152
Polish Foreign Policy304
International Organizations303
European Union Law153
Diplomatic Practice 303
Economic Policy303
Logistics Management 303
Financial Management 302
Foreign Language302
Undergraduate Thesis Seminar305
Semester 6
Developing Countries in International Relations304
International Protection of Environment304
Violence and Terror in International Relations 304
Future Trends in International Relations304
Strategic management303
Entrepreneurial Management302
Undergraduate Thesis Seminar 305