Erasmus+ – Courses in English

Winter and summer semester 2023/2024

Please note this is the preliminary offer.
Some courses from this list will be removed due to little enrolment.

updated 11.10. 2023

Title of the courseTeacher(s)WINTER    SUMMER     
ECTSTotal HoursLectureTutorialLabECTSTotal HoursLectureTutorialLab
Arms ControlDębska Marta43030
Covid 19 and the Future of the Global Cities Zdanowski Jerzy33030
Cultures and Civilizations in the Modern WorldZdanowski Jerzy 32020
DemographyKurek Sławomir33030
Diplomatic Practice Orłowski Tomasz3302010
Economic PolicyWaśniewski Krzysztof33030
Entrepreneurial ManagementUberman Robert 23030
EU Economic LawBainczyk Magdalena52020
European Union LawDębska Marta31515
Feminism and Women in International RelationsKargol Anna33030
Financial ManagementUberman Robert 23030
Future Trends in International RelationsZdanowski Jerzy43030
Global Governance Diawoł-Sitko Anna32020
Global Migrations and Their Consequences Diawoł-Sitko Anna43030
History of International RelationsZdanowski Jerzy53030
Intellectual and Industrial Property Bałos-Stoczewska Iga31010
Intellectual Property RightsSzpyt Kamil21515
Intercultural communication in business and managementZdanowski Jerzy 33030
Intermediate Corporate FinanceUberman Robert32020320
International BusinessGawlik Remigiusz33030
International Cultural RelationsKargol Anna43030
International Economic RelationsCzaja Jan, Adamczyk Natalia4453015
International Economic TransactionsWaśniewski Krzysztof53030
International Financial CrisesGawlik Remigiusz32020
International Financial MarketsWaśniewski Krzysztof43030
International Financial Relations Bałamut Anna43030
International Forecasts and SimulationsStaliński Piotr43030
International Human Resource ManagementUberman Robert32020
International MarketingFigiel Adam23030
International Military RelationsAdamczyk Natalia43030
International OrganizationsZdanowski Jerzy 33030
International PoliticsCzaja Jan, Adamczyk Natalia5453015
International Protection of EnvironmentWilk Małgorzata43030
International Trade PolicyWaśniewski Krzysztof53030
Introduction to Accounting Sadkowski Wojciech2302010
Introduction to LawPieniążek Marcin33030
Introduction to Research Metodology for Social ScienceKargol Anna11515
Law in BusinessBałos-Stoczewska Iga33030
Logistics ManagementStaliński Piotr33030
MacroeconomicsŚliwa Kazimierz, Waśniewski Krzysztof4453015
Mathematics for EconomistsStaliński Piotr3301515
Metropolises and Metropolisation ProcessesMydel Rajmund42020
MicroeconomicsWaśniewski Krzysztof4453015
Multinational CorporationsUberman Robert23030
Operations ManagementStaliński Piotr33030
PhilosophyFrątczak Anna 33030
Polish for foreigners2303023030
Polish Foreign PolicyPaterek Anna43030
Political and Economic Geography Haydukiewicz Lech43030
Political SystemsKargol Anna53030
Principles of MarketingFigiel Adam 33030
Principles of organization and managementWaśniewski Krzysztof23030
Public International LawCzachor Rafał33030
Public RelationsFigiel Adam23030
Security challenges in selected regions of the WorldAdamczyk Natalia3202010
Sociology of International RelationsBrataniec Katarzyna33030
StatisticsStaliński Piotr3302020
Strategic managementJędrzejewski Zbigniew33030
Studies on StateKargol Anna53030
Violence and Terror in International Relations Zdanowski Jerzy43030
Visual information and structures in businessCziomer Marcin33030
ECTSTotal HoursLectureTutorialLabECTSTotal HoursLectureTutorialLab
Title of the courseTeacher(s)WINTERSUMMER

Subject Cards (Syllabuses):

Grading scale

Polish GradeDefinitionDescription
5excellent performanceoutstanding performance with only minor errors
4,5very good performanceabove the average standard but with some errors
4good performancegenerally sound work with a number of notable errors
3,5satisfactory performancefair but with significant shortcomings
3sufficient performanceperformance meets the minimum criteria
2failsome more work required before the credit can be awarded considerable further work is required

ECTS credits

one semester: 30 ECTS credit points one full academic year: 60 ECTS credit points


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